Wednesdays - Puja (7 - 8:30pm)

Practice and recitation of prayers: 21 Taras, Heart Sutra, Migtsema and others.

Saturdays - Bodhisattva Way of Life (2 - 3:30pm)

Teachings and commentary on Shantideva's Bodhisattva Way of Life.

Shantideva was an eighth-century Indian Buddhist monk and is among the most renowned and esteemed figures in the entire history of Mahayana Buddhism. His Holiness the Dalai Lama comments that the Bodhicaryavatara (Bodhisattva Way of Life) his classic treatise, is the primary source of most of the Tibetan Buddhist literature on the cultivation of altruism and the Spirit of Awakening.

It has been said that “Treasured by Buddhists of all traditions, The Way of the Bodhisattva (Bodhicharyavatara) is a guide to cultivating the mind of enlightenment, and to generating the qualities of love, compassion, generosity, and patience. This text has been studied, practiced, and expounded upon in an unbroken tradition for centuries, first in India, and later in Tibet. Presented in the form of a personal meditation in verse, it outlines the path of the Bodhisattvas—those who renounce the peace of individual enlightenment and vow to work for the liberation of all beings and to attain buddhahood for their sake.”

Rinpoche will be teaching this text, moving through its ten chapters in sequence, from cultivating the mind of enlightenment through culmination of wisdom. It is from this progressive process, and the resulting deepening of understanding, that true compassion arises.

We are currently on the 9th Chapter - Wisdom.

Sundays - Meditation (2 - 3:30pm)

Discussion and teachings on meditation, concluding with a short period of meditation practice.


*Classes are held every week, unless they have been cancelled.  Please check the schedule page for the most up to date schedule.